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Here are some reasons why you should visit a clothing optional resort this year!

Sound far fetched? Not really! Nude recreation is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry. It is a booming niche market with over $400 million in annual revenues. In a recent Roper poll, 25% of Americans have gone skinny dipping.

Historically, Americans had to travel to Europe or the Caribbean to find upscale nudist resorts and hotels. However, in the last 10 years, nude recreation in America has taken off. Now, the finest nudist and clothing optional resorts in the world are found in the United States. The meccas for nude sunbathing are Palm Springs, California and Florida. Palm Springs by far is the most popular as they have 350 days of sunshine per year, beautiful, warm weather, and no mosquitos (a big plus when you aren’t wearing any clothes).

Palm Springs has world championship golf, casinos, shopping, theater, art galleries, museums, Joshua Tree National Park, hiking, and a host of other fun activities. Or, you just relax by the pool all day long sipping cool drinks, wonder why it took you so many years to work up the courage to consider vacationing at a clothing optional resort and get a great all over sun tan.

If you are tired of the same old boring vacations that you have been taking at chain hotels, now is the time to try something different and fun. Go ahead and call a clothing optional resort. The only thing you have to lose is your tan lines.

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The top ten reasons are:

10) No funny tan lines
9) No need to take a vitamin D supplement
8) No Laundry when you return from vacation
7) Waves don’t knock off swim suit top
6) The natural look takes on a whole new meaning
5) No luggage to check at airport
4) No shoes, no shirt, no problem
3) No sand in swimsuit
2) Everyday is really casual Friday
1) Clothing optional resorts are just plain fun!

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Tom with his wife own the popular Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, CA. Ranked as one of the 10 best clothing optional resorts in the world and considered the Best in the West, being very mainstream, they are perfect for couples trying nude sunbathing for the first time! Call 800-786-6938 for info.

Review – Terra Cotta Inn Palm Springs
This is a great clothing optional resort where everyone goes nude sunbathing. It is so cool from the architecture to the owners, and staff, pool area, rooms, etc.

Clothing Optional Resorts: The No Tan Lines Experience!
There are nude beaches and clothing optional resorts all over the country.

Ideal January Nudist Weather in the US: Palm Springs, CA
So next time when you want your best nudist vacation, with the best nudist weather in the US, vacation with us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

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