Caliente Resort Tampa

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Here’s some info about Club Caliente in Tampa, Florida.

Caliente Resort, located in Tampa, Florida is truly an amazing mix of solitude, fun and sizzle that is well suited for the experienced naturist and first-time nudist.

When you arrive at Caliente Resort you will be indulged, wined, dined, and treated with world-class hospitality you so highly deserve. Beautifully selected villas, condos, casita cottages and hotel suites will become your tranquil home.

Right outside of your front door, a sapphire lake, aqua blue lagoons, sports and fitness facilities, tiki bars, delicious cuisine, along with a tempting Spa Sereno, are a few of the many possibilities that awaits you.

The grounds are big enough that if you wanted to lie out by yourself(call it you own little “me time” fiesta), without all the activity surrounding the main pool area, you could find “quiet” space among one of the seven pool areas.

The amenities that Caliente offers is very impressive! Feel free to take a dip in any one of the seven pools and be sure to take advantage of the variety of recreational activities one might typically expect at a 5-star Caribbean resort. There are organized events as well, the issue is figuring out what you’ll do next! The largest of the seven pools has not one but two islands and a dazzling grotto waterfall that adults love spending time around. At night it feels like you’re in this mystical place as it will arouse your senses and revitalize your entire body.

Caliente Nudist Resort and Spa has a complete fitness center and a full-service European Health Spa that offers a wide variety of deep massages as well as treatment options which are designed to melt away any concerns of the outside world. Some have called it their ultimate spa encounter – Invigorate and treat yourself, become empowered!

Whether you stay for a weekend or a week (it may actually feel like you’ve been here a lot longer), you will take home wonderful memories and might even make some friends along the way!

Now, we can talk about the nightlife and all the interesting possibilities once the sun goes down! Let’s just say this part depends on you. And we strongly recommend checking out the waterfall at night and taking it from there.

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